Monday, November 1, 2010

A photo is worth a thousand words but I'm going to add some words on anyway.

1) The lizard that lived in the window of the upstairs bathroom of the lovely, comfortable home of L and M, whom we had the good fortune to house-sit for last month. Hello, lizard!

2a) Can I make challah in Botswana?

2b) I can make challah in Botswana! (Actually, I also found it in the grocery store, labeled as kitka bread. Any ideas what "kitka" means?)

3) The Cool Time guava icee I bought at a soccer game. It looked sooo nice and cold but it stuck to my teeth and was rather gross.

4) For a country this hot, there is just no excuse for the crappy quality of the ice cream. Here, A eats some Milky Lane, which was OK. I would kill something small and defenseless for Pinkberry.

5) I found this book in the bookstore at Riverwalk and thought it was really funny. Templates for "challenging communications" like condolences when someone dies, firing someone, etc.


  1. Two posts, how exciting! Couldn't find "kitka" in the Webster's online Tswana translator, but it doesn't mean "egg" or "Jew," which were my top guesses. Did you buy the book? The wedding looked fun.

  2. PS-I think it's funny how the book is all wrapped, so you couldn't just walk into the bookstore and write that sympathy card or dear john letter and then leave without buying the book.

  3. Pinkberry is NOT ice cream. Feh.

  4. I did not buy the book. Books here are mad expensive. I would probably have bought it if it was like $1.

    I would take regular ice cream too--like Haagen Daz 5 ingredient. Mmmm

  5. I'm sure I've seen that book before. But who writes letters anymore (sigh)?

  6. PS Don't kill the lizard! You still won't have a pinkberry.