Thursday, March 3, 2011

Madikwe photo dump

Okay, we're still catching up from February...

After Okavango with the in-laws, the four of us headed for a weekend in beautiful Madikwe, a luxury game reserve just over the border in South Africa. We spent our first night at Thakadu, which was really fancy, and then our second night at Jaci's Treehouse, which was even fancier.

(He's not even thirsty. He's just flirting with her.)

Some of the lions like to hang out on the airstrip, where there weren't any bugs. It was some guy's job to shoo them away when a plane needed to land.

We went on a lot of game drives, and I think we were all burnt out by the end of the weekend, but I have to say I've gained a bit of an appreciation for game drives. It's sort of exciting not knowing what you will see, and I think lions/elephants/rhinos/giraffes/hippos are not boring.

We saw a good number of lions. They were getting ready to mate, which I thought was a little weird. But everyone else wanted to see them mate. I guess it's funny or something.

The places we stayed had really nice bathtubs. Now I want a fancy bathtub, too.

Thanks, parents-in-law, for a great trip!


  1. nice pics! lion shooer doesn't sound like an enviable job.

  2. Now that looks like Africa! Just watched an episode of the #1 Women's Detective Agency and thought of you.

  3. So many things to tell her/But how to make her see
    The truth about my past? Impossible!/She'd turn away from me

    (Duh, he's singing, not flirting.)