Monday, September 6, 2010

One week to departure

Slept like a baby last night. Slept so soundly I don't even remember my dreams. I want to blame A for my bad sleep (we slept at different friends' apartments last night), but I had a lot of crazy dreams when I was at home in California without him, too. I think it's me.

After my four shots on Friday, I discovered I still need one more shot--yellow fever, for if we go to Rwanda or Tanzania. It's at least $125. (editor's note: it ended up costing $250.) The health budget grows and grows.

A started packing today, which made me nervous because I prefer to be the prepared one.

I cooked a bag of split peas for dinner that have been sitting in our cupboard for six months or so. As usual, was more excited by the prospect of making them than actually consuming the final product. Maybe it needs cream or something? They always just taste kind of bland to me. A didn't even try any, the bastard.