Thursday, September 16, 2010

We live in a resort in Florida

When we first drove into the city from the Gaborone airport (btw, Gaborone is pronounce "hah-bah-roe-nee" but people often say "Gabs"), we passed a lot of relatively nice-looking houses.

Then we got to where the really rich people live. Then the driver turned onto a side street, making it apparent that we are the really rich people. We live in a compound, with a 24-hour guard and electric fence. There is an immaculate garden with flowering trees of purple (I'm allergic to this one like crazy), yellow, and magenta. There is a swimming pool and a deck with a barbeque.

We also have a maid, H, who comes every day except Sunday, washes and irons our laundry, does the dishes, cleans the floors and bathrooms. This is much nicer than any lifestyle I could afford in America. It is uncomfortable to be white and waited on by black people...and yet it is extremely comfortable. In other words, we are basically colonialists.

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