Sunday, October 10, 2010

Africa is dangerous.

A and I had a quiet weekend this weekend. We just realized that the only places we went to were malls. On Friday night we went to Riverwalk Mall to celebrate a friend's birthday at Spur. Spur is to American Indians what Outback Steakhouse is to Australians. Only I think Spur actually makes less of an effort to be authentic. I had "enchiladas" with "sour cream" and "guacamole." And rice.

At one point the waitstaff brought over a dish of ice cream with a sparkler stuck in it and sang a birthday song.

On Saturday, we went to Game City mall. Game City is the equivalent of any mall in the U.S. and as a result, not that fun to visit. It's expensive! I found a ridiculous light-green safari hat I wanted, but it cost $20 and in the time I took to think about it, the store closed. Oh well.

Also, I think someone tried to pick-pocket me in Game, the grocery store. But the attempt was pretty half-hearted.


The spices here have names like "chicken spice" and "beef spice." Are they for flavoring chicken or chicken-flavored?


On Saturday night, we socialized with A's external hard-drive and watched four episodes of Veronica Mars in a row. Show's kind of jumped the shark in season two, but more importantly, should comfort food television be this creepy?


Africa really is terrifically dangerous, but not for the reasons you might think.

Africa is dangerous because of these!

Thorns! Aren't they terrifying?


  1. do not watch season 3, especially if you think season 2 is bad.

  2. The riverwalk mall; that must make you feel like you're back in San Antonio. Especially with the "enchiladas," quote-unquote.

  3. Ah, yes, Game City! We don't go there except very early in the mornings before the crowds build up. You will be 'purse snatched' or 'pickpocketed' for sure once the crowds get thick - it's the local weekend pasttime for the gangs. That sort of thing will pick up as it gets towards Christmas - easy pocket money for the thieves to spend on their own families. Stay on your toes!! :)

  4. Ali--Oh no! Don't tell me V Mars only goes downhill from here!

    Mom--Also, note the restaurant was called Spur.

    Lynne--Aha! I knew I wasn't imagining it. Thanks for the tip!

  5. Season 2 gets much better! The last three or four episodes of the season kick ass.

    And, for season 3, just remember that it was when UPN and WB were converging into the CW and all the shows they were carrying over had to get "revamped." So don't blame the show, blame the Network(s)!

  6. Exactly, blame the network(s)! Yeah, they made some missteps in season 2, but you have to think of it like the murder plot in FNL: we all just pretend it didn't happen and move on to the rest of the awesomeness.