Sunday, October 24, 2010


Last night around 4:30 a.m. a huge thunderclap woke A and I. It was right over our heads and actually kind of terrifying. The storm lasted for about half an hour with no rain (we are waiting for the first big rainstorm because then you're not supposed to drink the water for a few days). Every time we thought it had moved away, the room lit up with lightning again. The thunder sounded like those big metal sheets they use to make thunder in productions of The Tempest. (n.b.: Shira's best comparison for actual thunder is manufactured thunder, specifically an image derived from Wishbone. Discuss in comments section.)

Eventually, A got himself out of bed.

"The end of the Phillies game is probably on right now."


We watched the new Wall Street movie last night at one of the two movie theaters here. It was sort of weird to watch a movie set in the financial world of New York City in a shopping mall in Gaborone, and it actually made me miss Manhattan, which I don't think was the point, really.

I assume now that Batwana audiences think all Americans drive motorcycles, attend galas at the Met, and can afford half-million dollar diamond rings, but actually those events at the Met are pretty hard to get into.


Four new mosquito bites, all on my face.


  1. Why don't you remember our thunderstorms back in Texas? Some of those were mighty scary!

  2. Shake a leg now, Wishbone / Let's wag another tale!
    Sniff a known adventure / With Wishbone on the trail!

    That show was awesome.

  3. Copy edit:
    Why, don't you remember...(exclamation)
    Not: Why don't you remember...(question)