Thursday, January 27, 2011

Our best wedding reception so far. OR Part 2 of Part 1.

I never got around to posting photos of our first ever wedding reception. It was a really fun party, with lots of my favorite foods, desserts, and dancing. Batswana don't sit around and talk (which may make you think they don't like your party), but they do dance! So we did a lot of dancing, to a song called "Marry Me," with a line dance that is kind of like the Electric Slide. We played it on A's coworker's car's CD player. We also danced to traditional Setswana songs, which our guests sang. The theme of many of them was that the bride's mother-in-law should relax because the bride was here to do the cooking and housework.

Our party was only a couple of hours long, and thank goodness. By the end of that day and exhausting week I had the worst headache I've ever had in my life. Four ibuprofen and two tylenol couldn't kill it. Lesson learned for Our Wedding: Part Two--get lots of sleep and caffeine and don't get sick.

(Holy shit! We got married!)

(A good photographer can make daisies look romantic and fancy.)

(I made all kinds of Moroccan salads--carrots, eggplant, hummus, etc.)

(I also made potato burekas and spanikopita.)

(I really can't get over this cake.)

(The cake was made by our friend's mother (someone we had never even met!). The brownies, snickerdoodles, and Savta crescents were made by me with help from my roommate.)

(We are sweaty.)

(Coworkers and friends.)

(Cutting the cake, close-up.)

(A wore that $5 ring for all of 48 hours. Now it's in our change bowl on the kitchen table. We are feeding each other the cake here.)

(Some of the women were ululating, so I felt right at home.)

Photos of dancing are not so interesting. We have a bunch of videos but my internet connection here can't upload them. Lucky for you, we'll recreate the "Marry Me" song at Our Wedding: Part Two. If you can handle it.


  1. Great photos! Can't get over the amazing cake! You should send photo and story into Cake Boss - one of Abby's favorite shows (on TLC!) Buddy the baker would be proud! Love to you both.
    Flori et al

  2. I feel like I was there. I'm waiting for Wedding, Part 2! How sweet that you made all that Moroccan food. But your post has activated jewish-mother-itis, so here I go: How come none of my happy homemaker kids makes any good old Ashkenazic food, huh? Something wrong with blintzes and gefilte fish? And why are you always reporting physical symptoms on your blog? I was all worried about your terrible headache until I realized that it was over months ago.

  3. Thanks for posting all of the great photos! Looks like you had a wonderful party and the food was beautiful! Maybe you never make Ashkenazi food b/c your mother never taught you how? Can't wait for wedding, part 2!

  4. Because I have no idea how to cook it myself. But I have Grandma Fanny's old recipes. Blintzes, OK. Gefilte fish, forget it unless you are making California-style Salmon gefilte fish.

  5. "Don't get sick" is a pretty good life lesson in general. Not just for weddings!

  6. What a party. The food looks awesome, especially your Moroccan salads and burekas and, of course, the cakes. Wedding part 2 should be fantastic as well!