Thursday, January 27, 2011

How we entertain ourselves.

(Cooking is messy!)

Well, mostly with Indian food. Have I mentioned how much Indian food we eat here? It's okay with me, because I love Indian food. Much more than Setswana food.

(I wear this shirt at least once a week.)

Our favorite weekend activity is eating out at Chutney's, a South Indian restaurant that is by far the most delicious Indian food I've ever eaten. We are going there tonight with A's parents, who are visiting! It's always full of Indian customers, too, which is a good sign, I think. Then there's Moghul, and Embassy, and the Indian place at the Gaborone Sun golf club...

We also cook a lot of Indian food. We live in the Indian part of town, so our grocery stores have a lot of Indian spices and mixes and specialty items.

And one of our best friends here is Indian and was getting ready to move back to the States. Before she did, we did some cooking.

First I drank half a bottle of wine out of the bottle. That helped loosen the brain cells for cookery.

We made vegetable biryani, chana masala, paneer butter masala, and aloo gobi.

Then we ate it.

(I got tired of uploading photos, sorry.)


  1. Next time you are here, I am so taking you to Patel Brothers in Cary and you are showing me what to buy and then cooking it for me!

  2. Great shirt! Cook some for us.
    And looking forward to pics of your trips with A's parents.

  3. You are quite the multi-cultural chef. Your cooking talents are impressive!