Friday, February 18, 2011

Riding in a mokoro even though it's terrifying

(Very few days are like this here.)

I really did not want to go in a mokoro. A mokoro is a low-sitting canoe traditionally carved out of a tree (most today are made of fiberglass so they're more eco-friendly). Everyone at Penn knows that a doctor visiting here was tragically killed by a crocodile while riding in a mokoro, and I've been swearing I would not go for a ride in one. Why risk it?

But then everyone was doing it.

Everyone is A's parents (above), who were visiting us last week and took us on all sorts of luxurious and extravagant trips.

Well, A's mom didn't want to do it either, but she got convinced, and then I took two Klonopin and I got convinced, too.

It wasn't even that scary! Just a little bit when we got in, and then during the middle part. Our guide made me a necklace from a lily. A's parents' guide made himself a hat out of a lily pad.

This is of course just part one of a gazillion part series on "Things I Didn't Post Yet But Now They're Really Adding Up, So We'll See What I Get To."