Friday, May 20, 2011

Readjusting is dumb.

Okay, why is it that I envisioned being back in America as like a big soy-sausage-and-Starbucks-fueled party?

Apparently, that was wrong. It is this place where you don't have a job or a place to live and people all speak English even more fluently than you do.

It sucks! Although yes, the lattes are better. They just are.

I'm in California right now, where the lattes are even better than the lattes in Philadelphia, which are just regular.

Oh and it's cold! I didn't know it was allowed to be cold ever anymore. It's May. But I am just shivering all the time. Thank goodness it was up to 80 today. In the sun, I felt fine.

I can't break a sweat in the gym because there's (so much) air-conditioning.

My sister says that I should go easy on myself cause I just got back from Africa. But that does get old. I'm ready for progress. K thanx.


  1. There are superior lattes in Philadelphia, perhaps you have not stumbled upon them! When you return and I am underemployed in July I will have to introduce them to you! :)

  2. But we don't actually live there yet.

  3. Goodbye botswana blog. I'll stop looking for updates.